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Architecture in the Middle East Building Sharjah reveals how modern architecture unfurled across the United Arab Emirates' third-largest city. An oil discovery in 1972 positioned Sharjah as one of the world's final cities shaped by transformative fortune. In the footsteps of Kuwait, Riyadh, and Dubai, Sharjah faced a metamorphosis: either one that repeated the past's mistakes or one that reimagined how wealth can build a city. Sharjah's potential enticed an international cast of experts to create a bold, new city. As their projects begin to vanish, this book preserves them through unseen photographs and recovered documents. New writing chronicles how local and arriving residents arranged the designed, concrete environment into a home. Beyond just a local artifact, this book examines the confident promises made by global practices of urbanization. -An untold tale of how a city materialized on the promises of modern architecture. -Unpublished and unseen visual material. -New scholarship connecting Sharjah to global discussions of cities.