Aviso Legal y Política de privacidad y confidencialidad

Legal Notice and Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Please read all the sections of the legal notice and our privacy policy before using this Website. The following terms and conditions are binding on all users of the site.
Pursuant to Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on services to the information society and electronic commerce, NAOS LIBROS, S.L. (hereinafter, NAOS) with Tax ID Code B78602588 and its address at Calle Quintana, 12, MADRID 28008 informs you that it was registered on 22 September 1992, with no. 1654, in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, volume 6419, Page 135, Section 8, Sheet no. M-104584 and Registration no. 1. 
NAOS is a meeting place in which books form our landscape. We specialise in books on architecture, construction, urban planning, landscaping, gardening, design, painting, philosophy and topics related to these subjects. We offer the following services: subscriptions to journals and magazines, bibliographical searches, bookshop accounts and sales to libraries, universities, institutions and architectural studios and companies.
NAOS is the owner of the Internet site “www.naoslibros.es” (hereinafter, the PORTAL or the Website), through which it provides a variety of professional services linked with its activity.
The purpose of this document is to set the general terms and conditions for the use of the PORTAL and the various services provided by NAOS on the same. Acceptance and compliance with the general terms and conditions are mandatory for all professionals and companies (hereinafter, the USERS) who wish to make use of them (the current services or new services that NAOS may provide in the future via the PORTAL).


Users undertake to use the PORTAL and the contents and services provided without contravening current legislation, generally accepted uses and public order. It is forbidden to use the website for illegal purposes or any that could harm NAOS or a third party, or that could cause damage to or prevent the normal use of the PORTAL in any way.
In regard to the content (information, audio and/or video files, photographs, designs, etc.), the following are prohibited:
-     Its use for any kind of commercial or publicity purposes, other than those strictly permitted.
-     Its reproduction, distribution or modification, unless this has the authorisation of its legitimate owners or is permitted by the law.
-     Any violation of the rights of NAOS or its legitimate owners over the same.

Whenever it considers it appropriate, NAOS may modify, unilaterally and without prior warning, the structure and design of the PORTAL, and modify or remove the services, content, and terms and conditions for access and/or use of the same.
The duration of the provision of the Website service and its services is indefinite. NAOS reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cease providing the Website service or any of the services contained on it under the same terms as in the preceding paragraph (unilateral modification).
4.    LINKS
Any "link” established between another website and the NAOS PORTAL shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:
-     The reproduction, whether total or partial, of any of the services or content of the PORTAL is not permitted.

-     The website on which the link is set up shall not contain any brand, trade name, business sign, name, logo, slogan or distinguishing signs other than those belonging to NAOS, unless expressly authorised.
-     Under no circumstances will NAOS be held responsible for the content or services provided to the public on the website from which the “link” is made or the information and statements included in them.
NAOS gives no guarantees, nor will it be held responsible, under any circumstances, for damages of any nature that might arise from:
-     A lack of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the website and/or its services or contents.
-     The existence of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the content.
-     The illegal, negligent or fraudulent use contrary to these present General Terms and Conditions, good faith, generally accepted uses and public order of the Website, its services or content by users.

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law.
If a User or third party considers that a violation of their intellectual property rights has occurred because of the introduction of some content into the website, they must notify NAOS of this circumstance, giving:
-     The personal details of the interested party who is the owner of the rights presumably infringed, or the representation under which he or she is acting should the claim be submitted by a third party other than the interested party.

-    An indication of the content protected by the intellectual property rights and its location on the website.
-     Proof of the intellectual property rights in question.
-     An express declaration in which the interested party takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.
As stated in its “PRIVACY POLICY”, which can be consulted below, NAOS has adopted the appropriate security levels for the data that it processes and stores by including the technical resources and measures available to guarantee their confidentiality, and prevent their misuse, loss, alteration, unauthorised access and theft.
The person responsible for the files that contain personal details collected through this website (naoslibros.es) is NAOS LIBROS, S.L. (hereinafter, NAOS) with Tax ID Code B78602588 and its address at Calle Quintana, 12, MADRID 28008.
At NAOS we base our activities on respect for the truth and the privacy of people and therefore the methods used to make this possible. To comply with these aims, the activities related with collecting, using and transferring information containing personal data must be processed in a responsible and rational manner, so that we wish to inform you of our policy regarding these activities.
Therefore, based on the terms stipulated on current legislation and in particular article 2 of Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, we wish to inform you that for NAOS, “Personal Data” means any information regarding an individual that identifies this person, either directly or indirectly, (makes this person identifiable) and that is in the possession of  NAOS ,such as name and family name(s), e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

The NAOS Website is not intended for minors (please note that if the user is under the age of 14, the consent of his or her parents or guardians is required, and it will be necessary to contact them and ask them to confirm that they are this child’s parents or guardians and that they give their consent. Only then can the requester be accepted as a user).
In general, you can visit the NAOS Website without providing your personal data. However, so that you can enter some sections of our Website, make a comment using the contact form or when you wish to receive some information on the products and services marketed by NAOS, register as a user by creating account on the Website and be able to make on-line purchases, request our product catalogue, contact us by e-mail or subscribe to our Newsletter, it may be necessary for us to have your personal data and to request them but it is the decision of the user whether to provide them or not.
If these data are requested and not provided, you will be denied the possibility of benefiting from the features offered by our Website or any others that might be added to it.

However, when Users provide some kind of personal information to the NAOS Website, they must provide accurate, up-to-date information, understand and give their unambiguous consent to the collection and processing of that information, which will be included in a “file” registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency by NAOS, S.L. for the purposes listed below:
-     Contact. In order to send you a text message regarding the receipt of your order or answer any questions that you send to us through our Website, over the phone or by e-mail:  naos@naoslibros.es
-     Newsletter. In order for you to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be informed of our offers, news and, in general, new features relating to our products. Users may update or cancel their subscription at any time through the newsletter.
-     Users/Customers. You can register as a user by creating an account on the Website and gain access to our product catalogue and select what you wish to purchase.
-     On-line purchases.- In this case, you must register (see the section “How to make a purchase”) by filling in the corresponding form and, when you have selected the products you wish to purchase, you will select the manner in which your payment will be processed (see Delivery Terms and Conditions). In all cases, we must inform you that the method of payment will be the one that we agreed to at the time for purchases already made, unless you indicate otherwise.
To pay for an order using a VISA card or Mastercard, you will be asked for the card number, expiry date and security code. The security of the data provided is guaranteed using standard SSL encryption protocols. Remember that all the data you send through this form are protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system. This system encrypts the data so that, if someone manages to get hold of them during the data transmission process, they cannot read them as they do not have the necessary key. We do not store card data. If you wish, you can send this information to us over the phone or by fax.

Our customers’ information is vital for our business and we do not permit or take part in its sale to third parties. NAOS only shares its customers’ information with the service providers with whom it has signed data processing contracts (pursuant to article 12 of the Personal Data Protection Act), so that they can perform certain duties on our behalf and be able to offer the service contracted. These duties may include: fulfilling orders, sending out packages or processing credit card payments. They will have the minimum access to personal information required in order to carry out their duties, but they will not be able to use it for other purposes as the information must be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
It is possible that NAOS may be obliged by the law to disclose its personal data because of summonses, warrants or court orders in any of the countries in which we carry out our business activities, and we may disclose your personal data in order to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use of our Website or in emergency situations to protect the security of individuals, the general public or the Website.

The NAOS Website may link to other websites, including the company’s official profiles on social media, and you are informed that by pressing on these links you will be directed to a website for which NAOS is not responsible. We inform you that to process your order you will be redirected to the website “PayPal.com”, for which NAOS is not responsible.
You must be aware that the owners of these websites external to NAOS may collect, use or transfer your personal data under different terms and conditions, so that it is recommended that, when you contact one of these websites, you learn more about their privacy policy, general terms and conditions of use or the use that may be made of cookies as we cannot control the way in which these websites use the personal information that you divulge. The official profiles of NAOS on the social media were created so that you can know more about our activities and to create an alternative channel for communicating with people who are interested in our organisation.
NAOS uses the most modern and varied technological and legal methods to prevent the alteration, loss, undue use or destruction of the personal data that it collect, uses and transfers. Nevertheless, we inform you that, due to the open, uncertain and insecure nature of the Internet, NAOS cannot be held totally responsible for the security of the transmission of personal data over the Internet although, with the aim of offering you the greatest guarantees in this area, we do frequently review the technical measures implemented.
NAOS informs its Users of the use of cookies on this website. Cookies are temporary files automatically inserted into the User’s system, which make it possible to offer personalised content. However, the cookies used are associated anonymously with the User and his or her system, without providing any reference whatsoever to the User’s personal data. In all cases, if the User considers it necessary, he or she may alter the system settings (from the browser toolbar) to deactivate or delete all cookies.

You can contact us whenever you wish to ask us a question about our Privacy Policy and to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. To do so please send an e-mail to this address: arco@naoslibros.es, or write to: NAOS, S.L., Calle Quintana, 12, MADRID 28008, attaching a copy of your official identity document.
NAOS will then update, correct and/or delete your Personal Data as requeste: naos@naoslibros.es
ACCEPTANCE: I have read and accept the NAOS PRIVACY POLICY