WWW Drawing "Architectural Drawing: From Pencil to Pixel"

WWW Drawing "Architectural Drawing: From Pencil to Pixel".


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Janet Abrams, Daniel Cardoso, Mehrdad Hadighi, Andrew Heumann, Jürg Lehni, Jane Nisselson, Seher Shah, Ann Tarantino, Michael Webb, Mark West, James Wines WWW Drawing explores architectural drawing in relation to technique and technology. What is the role of drawing for architecture, in a digital age? What, if any, is the continuing relevance of drawing by hand, and how might computer drawing be inflected, in a positive way, by the errors and ambiguities of the hand? There has been much recent conversation about drawing, perhaps due to the ubiquity of computational 'drawings.' Articles have been written about the implicit value of hand drawing in comparison to computer-generated drawing; conferences and symposia on drawing have been held, even asking if drawing is dead! WWW Drawing refers to two realms. One is the realm of the three 'W' authors 'West, Wines and Webb ' who came to the Pennsylvania State University's Department of Architecture in late March 2013, making large-scale drawings with students on the Stuckeman family building. The other is the realm of the World Wide Web. This pairing is intended to instigate an exploration of the realm of drawing in relationship to techniques and technologies, above all through the physical act of drawing, but also by thinking, theorizing and writing about it.