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In the spirit of treading a bit lighter on the planet, a new trend in sustainable living architecture is what is called "microgreen living"—literally the creation of tiny homes where people challenge themselves to live "greener" lives. This idea, which sprang from eco-awareness and the reduction of carbon footprints, has led people to consider low-impact living as a "greener" alternative to ordinary housing. Far beyond solar panels and the use of sustainable materials, homeowners have embraced the concept and have implemented many creative and stylish solutions for day-to-day living, such as a room that doubles as a shower with one swift movement of plexi-glass from a well-concealed pocket door. A tiny house is an experiment of space but also a challenge to simplify ways of life. Tiny Houses brings together an international collection of over thirty prefab homes and living concepts under 1,000 square feet—some are practical and others are cheeky, ranging from treehouses and compact dwellings to floating houses. The book presents conceptual building plans, detailed illustrations, and vivid photographs of the homes, architects, and proud enthusiasts who live in them. How much space is unused and "wasted" in your own home? This book will inspire the reader to think about architecture and interior design in a new and enlightened way.


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