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In this book I have tried to include the most interesting writings from the numerous texts I have penned over the years and published in English I have always said that teaching and writing for an architect is like a good surgeon sharpening his scalpel to operate with maximum precision, just like my late father used to do. I dedicate this book to him I have always maintained that, in one way or another, the writings of an architect reflect the reasons why he makes his architecture, and I have always defended reason as the architect's primary and principal tool. And now, these texts in English are exponentially increasing their readership. I have already written several books in English and these collections of texts have always been very well received. From The Built Idea, reissued so many times that I've lost count, to Thinking with Your Hands, which complemented that first publication and follows the same trajectory. These were followed by further titles in English: Principia Architectonica and Teaching to Teach. And now this volume.


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