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An old farmhouse near Schedlberg in the Bavarian Forest is the latest architectural intervention of the Munich-based architect Peter Haimerl - and an attempt to save a dying building tradition. Using a daring design, the architect brought the centuries-old farmhouse back to life. Although the dilapidated structure of the wooden construction was supplemented with glass and concrete - the traces of history remain visible and can be read off the structure of the house as well as the intrusions into its substance. The house near Schedlberg is monument of building culture and its history in the Bavarian Forest. This book documents the project in a special way. With large images of the building, including designs and descriptive texts, the architecture of the house and its history is explained and illustrated. The artist duo beierle.görlich uses an associative series of photos to show the special location of the house at the edge of the forest, as well as the mysterious state of the house before its reconstruction, thereby bringing its history to life with imaginary fragments.


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