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This companion catalog to an exhibition of Wilhelm Sasnal, one of Poland s most important contemporary artists, features a wide selection of his paintings. Wilhelm Sasnal s art exemplifies a reaction to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, with subject matter that draws from day-to-day realities of Poland s citizens grappling with their new capitalistic culture. The reception of his work has resulted in Sasnal s pop-star status at home and a growing reputation abroad. In this monograph nearly one hundred color images capture the incredible diversity of Sasnal s work: portraits of his family and friends; landscapes of his struggling country; graphic illustrations, abstractions, and hyper-real paintings. Seen together, his works suggest the overarching themes of Poland s complex and dramatic history. By combining the personal with the political, Sasnal has allowed his art to speak to audiences from beyond his country s geographic borders while remaining true to his own experience.