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The fourth book in Nadia Amoroso`s Representing Landscapes series, this text focuses on traditional methods of visual representation in landscape architectural education. Building on from the previous titles in the series, which look at digital and hybrid techniques, Representing Landscapes: Analogue is a return to the basic foundations of landscape architecture's original medium of visual communication. Each of the 20 chapters includes contributions from leading professors teaching studio and visual communication courses from landscape architecture programs across the globe, showcasing the best student examples of analog techniques. It demonstrates the process from graphics as a form of research, design development, and analysis, to the final presentation through drawings, models and descriptive captions of the methods, styles and techniques used. It features critical and descriptive essays from expert professors and lecturers in the field, who emphasise the importance of the traditional medium as an intrinsic part of the research, design and presentation process. Over 220 full colour images explore the range of visual approaches students and practitioners of landscape architecture can implement in their designs. With worked examples in the chapters and downloadable images suitable for class use, this is an essential book for visual communication and design studios.