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PostDomestiCity is an inquiry and speculative exercise into the conditions of obsolescence in the post-industrial city, from a contemporary perspective. Working with three paradigmatic cases that were conceived from industrial logics'the Packard plant in Detroit, Lima's PREVI neighbourhood, and theGrand'Mare complex in Rouen', we explore alternative ways of reusing, reprogramming, and redensifying the built environment as alternatives to demolition. Relevant voices in the field of architecture share their approaches and visions of the future for the pre-existing city, helping us imagine post-domesticity in the current climate crisis and socio-technological context. PostDomestiCity, along with Open Building 2.0 (CoLab, 2018) and OpenCity (Actar, 2020), forms another trilogy by CoLaboratorio, approaching and understanding architecture as a resilient support with enormous transformative potential over time.