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A varied source of inspiration for all book lovers and collectors. Bookcases, bookshelves, entire rooms: more than simple storage spaces for books, these are unique decorative elements that reveal the personality and lifestyle of their owners. Home libraries are always personal and often evolving, whether they are specially created in a separate room or found in nooks and crannies all over the house, whether modern or traditional, whether clearly organized or a surreal mess. In this book, Dominique Dupuich and Roland Beaufre lead a guided tour of the libraries of some passionate readers, organized by the type of book lover: decorator (clean lines, structured); fashion designer (chic, glamorous); writer (cluttered, charming). . . .The book concludes with an invaluable catalogue of shelves, lighting, and accessories that will suit any kind of home library. Featuring: The Artists Library The Decorators Library The Designers Library The Fashion Designers Library The Writers Library The Collectors Library The Journalists Library and The Bosss Library. 200 color photographs and illustrations