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Introduction to Structural Analysis covers the principles of structural analysis without any requirement of prior knowledge of structures or equations. Beginning with basic principles of equilibrium of forces and moments, all other subsequent theories of structural analysis have been discussed logically. Divided into two major parts, this book discusses the basics of mechanics and principles of degrees of freedom upon which the entire paradigm rests, followed by analysis of determinate and indeterminate structures. The energy method of structural analysis is also included. Worked out examples are provided in each chapter to explain the concepts and solve real-life structural analysis problems along with a solutions manual. Aimed at undergraduate and senior undergraduate students in civil, structural, and construction engineering, this book:* Deals with the basic levels of structural analysis (i.e., types of structures and loads, materials and section properties up to the standard level, including analysis of determinate and indeterminate structures). * Focuses on generalized coordinate systems and Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics as an alternative method of studying the subject. * Introduces structural indeterminacy and degrees of freedom with many worked out examples. * Covers fundamentals of matrix theory of structural analysis. * Reviews energy principles and their relationship for calculating structural reflections. * Covers plastic analysis of structures.