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Climate change is inescapable. Even if the whole world stopped pumping carbon dioxide into the sky today, at least forty years of climate change are ahead of us, thanks to the long time lag within the Earth's ecosystem. As the century progresses, extremes will become more common: heat-waves, drought, storms and floods will test the design of our buildings and the resilience of our communities.
We also face the slow rise of sea levels and the secondary impacts of climate change, especially on energy and food security. Britain has a mild, temperate climate and occasional weather extremes tend to have serious impacts because we are simply not prepared for them. Yet across the world, communities have been living with such extremes for millennia.
If we have the imagination to learn from others and rethink the ways we build and live together, we can face this unsettling future with onfidence. Homes for a Changing Climate celebrates this collective wisdom, exploring traditional and contemporary responses to the challenges of climate and illustrating the many ways in which houses can be designed, built and adapted to cope with these challenges. Examples are drawn from across Europe - from the dry volcano of Thera to the 100mph winds of the Western Isles - and from cutting edge eco-building projects in Britain.
Combining inspiring case studies, striking photography and practical advice, Homes for a Changing Climate is a book of imagination and hope in difficult times.