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European housing concepts is a sweeping critical repertoryof the design orientations of residential architecture in Europe. With approximately 200 examples offrom 18 countries, richly illustrated with photographs and drawings, the book offers a significant overview of built works and emergings trends spanning the period of 1991-2010. The works it examines, selected based on morphological, residential, organizational and technological criteria, were designed by renowned architects as well as young professionals committed to the most innovative research. It presents the best expressions of an urban architecture that embraces the demand of quality, in the name of effective integration between housing and territory, and between the private level (the ome) and the public one represented by urban space. The housing projectis thus also part of the issues of environmental sustainability, urban green space and the built lanscape. In this sense , residential space expresses the most profound meaning of architecture, which can be perceived when social and aesthetic values converge with technical and constructional aspects to create places tha truly meet our needs.