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This new paperback edition of Deborah Butterfield showcases the full oeuvre of this great American sculptor, updated with new images of the artists latest work and information on her many gallery shows and museum exhibitions. Beautifully packaged with a new cover, this elegant and lyrical volume presents the most comprehensive retrospective look at this important American artist. Butterfield transforms selected pieces of scrap iron and found wood into majestic, life-size horse sculptures that are, as art historian Wayne L. Roosa has written, 'like ancient, noble archaeological remains, skeletal and grand.' The book includes insightful essays by the noted author and horsewoman Jane Smiley, poet and art critic John Yau, and a selection of poems by poet Vicki Hearne, a close friend of Butterfield's. Author Robert Gordon followed the artist's career for a quarter century and brings unique insight to her body of work.