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Working café, business club or open-space, group or cubicle office - the range of different office workspaces is increasing with the growing percentage of office work in our modern service society. Due to the rapid pace of development in communication technologies, the private and working spheres are merging into each other more and more, and work and the workplace are attaining an entirely new status in the life of each individual and in society. Work is taking up an ever larger part of our lives, and more and more people are defining themselves through their work. Thats why the topic of working worlds and workplace design is being assigned an ever more important role in our society.How does architecture react to these developments? Does it need to react at all? What role do façades, building technology, interior design and furniture play? How will we work in the future? Will fixed workplaces become obsolete - or quite the opposite? What effect do modern methods and means of communication have? To what extent does sustainability play a role in day-to-day office life? Best of DETAIL: OFFICE bundles the highlights from DETAIL and DETAILgreen on the topic of office and administrative architecture. The publication addresses discussions of principles and offers a theoretical basis with an extensive index of works as well as a great deal of inspiration and constructive examples of solutions.