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  • ISBN: 978-88-572-2395-7
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    painting monographs

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A monograph on an artist of international renown, the French painter André Brasilier. Born in Saumur, Touraine, in 1929, André Brasilier was admitted to the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in 1949. His life as an artist is one of perpetual wandering but always in contact with nature, a constant presence around each of his combined homes and studios. His compositions are daring, varied in construction, highly modern, and effective in surprising, holding, and enchanting the art lovers eye.Through 200 paintings and an interview with David Rosenberg, this catalog investigates three predominant themes within the universe of this artist, who regards Gauguin as his spiritual father, namely music, rural life, and horses. Ocher, white, and black characterize works where musicians and their instruments are barely sketched out. The recurrent female figure that stands out in many paintings against landscapes and expanses of blue, green, black, and russet hues is Brasiliers wife, Chantal, his muse and constant source of inspiration.