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Peter Reyner Banham, the renowned architectural historian and cultural critic, taught in the newly founded architecture program at the State University of New York at Buffalo between 1976 and 1980. During his tenure at Buffalo, inspired by the daylight factories and the grain silos of the region, he conducted research that led to his seminal book, A Concrete Atlantis, illuminating the relationship between American industrial buildings and European Modern Architecture. The Peter Reyner Banham Fellowship program at Buffalo was established in 2000 to celebrate Banham's legacy at Buffalo and, most importantly, to project new work that is inspired by Banham's foundational body of scholarship on material and visual culture. Each year, the Banham Fellow engages the students and the faculty of the department through research, creative activity, and teaching, and presents that body of work through an exhibition and a lecture. Here, the projections of the past five Banham Fellows are documented: Jonathan Solomon (2005-2006), Sergio López-Piñeiro (2006-2007), Eva Franch-Gilabert (2007-2008), Michael Kubo (2008-2009), Brian Tabolt (2009-2010). This document is a testament to the reach of Banham's visions and to the visionary work of the Fellows at Buffalo.