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Aldeburgh is a small fishing town in Suffolk, home to the wonderful musical festival started by Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears 60 years ago. The book tells the history from Roman times, describing how the coast line was overrun for hundreds of years by invaders from distant lands. It describes how Aldeburgh missed out on the riches of the wool trade, by the incompetence of the local monks, but found fortune as a Tudor boat yard, becoming the home to several of the most famous ships of English naval warfare. There have been many famous people apart from Britten and Pears and their friends who lived in the town. It has been a centre for writers and painters and particularly the amazing Garret family who not only built the beautiful buildings at Snape that now house the concert halls, but also included Elizabeth Garret Anderson, the first woman doctor and her sister Millicent, one of the best known campaigners for woman's rights.