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Like foods that taste so good you forget that they also sustain your health, the images in the book can win you over out of sheer appeal and never shout out their practical virtues. It's fun to see so many creative and elegant ideas made real with so many materials, and it's easy to forget how many tangible lessons your imagination is quietly absorbing while your eyes enjoy the dance. Later, after the images have had time to mingle and percolate inside your head, you can perhaps expect some new and original designs to call your own. (Bill LaHay Denver Post 2011-03-12) A reference catalogue of contemporary buildings' structural features, the material has been selected for its capacity to inspire and propose innovative ideas on how to approach the design or construction of different parts of a project. Divided into 15 thematic chapters, each detail is numbered from one to one thousand, and each is illustrated with a close-up photograph or technical drawing and explained in a concise caption. While primarily concentrating on commercial projects (although residential housing is covered), architects and designers of condominiums and multi-unit dwellings are sure to find inspiration