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Printmaking: A Contemporary Perspective is a solid overview of current work in this exciting area, taking into account the history and the different techniques available for artists working today. Using the work of contemporary artists, Printmaking tells the story of the progression of this art form and highlights the most important technological advances and influential artists.
Printmaking is split into sections including: Reworking Traditions; Painterly Approaches; the Hybrid Print; Political Imperatives; the Sculptor’s Print; Installation and Expanded Print; and New Technology. Each section discusses the origin of print styles, early artists, and contemporary artists working with print today. The various methods of printing, such as monoprinting, linocut and screen-printing, through to etching and lithography are discussed throughout these sections in relation to the artists that work with them.
Exploring contemporary approaches to this ever-growing medium, Printmaking discusses the work of some of the most exciting artists working in the field today. Artists featured include Richard Hamilton, Damien Hirst, Roni Horn, Masami Teraoka, Kara Walker, Oscar Munos, Willie Cole, Banksy and Brooklyn based Faile Collective. The work of influential artists in the field throughout history are also included, such as Rembrandt, Goya, Degas, Picasso, Paula Rego, and George Baselitz, to show the effect their work has had on a younger generation of artists.