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Pioneers of the 1950s and of the optimistic American way of life, Charles and Ray Eames created the greatest modern furniture "classics" between 1941 and 1978. They designed more than 20 chair models, mostly unique pieces, and developed know-how in the art of sitting. The Plywood Chairs LCW and DCW (1946), the Aluminum Group (1958) and the Lounge Chair (1956) have become true symbols of design that remain references today. Still produced, they inspire the admiration of new generations to convey the generous social ideal of their designers. The wholehearted dedication of Charles and Ray Eames to creating beautiful and top-quality mass-market products, and the joy imparted through their free forms, gave rise to the myth of a human and sensual modernity. A mythical couple, probably one of the most productive and creative of the 20th century.


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